Innovative Shipping Solutions

Fueled with the Latest Technology

At StoneArch Logistics, we know that having full visibility of your freight in transit is essential. That’s why we’ve combined our expertise and creativity with cutting-edge technological innovations in the shipping industry to create the best solution possible for you.

We use the industry gold-standard tracking solution, MacroPoint, which provides real-time location monitoring and tracking, delivery monitoring and event notifications so you always know where your freight is. SensiTech TempTale technology keeps our refrigerated (reefer) and temp-controlled freight on target by transmitting time, temperature and location data to monitor the condition of your load.

And you have access to all of it. Our TMS allows you to see your data at all times, so you can track your shipment, and manage your documentation.

Here’s what that looks like at each step of the shipping process:

Planning Your Shipping Solution

When you work with StoneArch Logistics, you don’t just get the best logistics technology. One of our shipping experts will become your single point of contact and will work closely with you to understand your unique needs. Then, we’ll use our innovative technology to create the best possible solution – for your budget, your business, and the environment.

Freight Visibility in Transit

We know you need to know where your freight is at all times. We monitor your freight at all times, pair our Transportation Management System (TMS) with cell triangulation services to ensure that we always have eyes on your shipment and can ensure efficient and reliable delivery.

Troubleshooting Shipping Issues

Our commitment to visibility means that if an issue should occur, we can respond to it immediately. Our technology minimizes communication gaps while allowing us to quickly modify the plan and keep your shipment on target.

Immediate Shipment Confirmation

We’ll be in constant contact with your carrier and with the facility to which your shipment is going to ensure that your freight has been delivered. You won’t have to manage times, phone numbers or paperwork – instead, your representative will ensure that your freight is delivered and send you the confirmation.